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This is a new site focused on BARA and LGBT+ content called https://baraaddiction.net/home . Since Tumblr is dropping all of it's NSFW content, this can be a good alternative for artists and users to display and find content!

The site is still in Beta phase, but if you want to create your profile and start uploading your art right now, feel free to do it :D

Let me know what you think!


Interesting. Thanks for sharing!


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I also added a site assistant to give advice, remind you the site rules and just look all cute there, these are his sprites


barabox already exists

pillowfort is replacing tumblr

there is no need for this


I respect that opinion, but I disagree because A) Pillowfort is still under development B) Barabox's design is ugly as fuck C) More platforms are always better, not all artists/users have the same needs ;)


One need that every artist DOES have is autonomy over their own work, and most are intelligent enough to verify that a site features that before using it. Until BaraAddiction revises its TOS so that it's not claiming that all art on the site is the site's intellectual property, it shouldn't be a viable option for any self-respecting artist.

That said, it definitely is prettier than barabox and could be viable if it was more interested in protecting artists than protecting itself.


To be honest someone else wrote the TOS for me, thanks for pointing out the thing about content licencing! It has been corrected :)


lmao wow, good thing no one will use this site anyway


I can accept critique and corrections to my site, but I wouldn't want bitter people and haters like you in it anyway. As you said you have plenty of options already, so have fun at barabox :) and by the way many artists are already using and loving the site. Night! ❤


you say barabox is ugly, but at least i dont have to scroll 10+ times to reach the bottom of the page.

everything is way too big


Anyway, anyone else who is not this anon is welcome to check out and join the site :) Which is also mobile firendly.



>"I can accept critique and corrections to my site"

>the literal next comment is constructive criticism of a blatant design flaw of the site itself

OP is a delusional faggot


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I forgot to mention that the site is available in English and Spanish! I'm also open for collaborations if users want to add another language :D Here are some images I did for my tumblr account showing the interface and display of the content.


If this is actually the OP then you're really digging your grave by acting like a complete dipshit to valid criticism.

Personally I don't see a need for this site when there's already way better alternatives. Use Pixiv or Newgrounds if you're looking for a place to post your porn art.


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