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(I have a few.)
#3- Klaus Von Reinherz from Blood Blockade Battlefront

Physically- He's a strong, sexy man-beast in glasses and office attire.

Personality- He's kind, respectful, and super devoted to his allies. Even a bit doting.




Klaus is 10/10


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Very true. My #2 might surprise you. As amazing as Klaus is, I feel that I would click more with-

#2- Commander Bumi from The Legend of Korra

Physically- Gruff Beard, Tan skin, Physique fluctuates between fit and beer belly.

Personality- A wild man-child who somehow manages to be rugged and adorable at the same time. A military man turned monk. Brave, bold, friendly and reliable.


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my baby Archie


>>12548 Thanks, I understand! I hesitated to report because I left it for trolls mostly, and I saw you were busy so I didn't want to bother you. I'll start using it more and maybe we can add some more info on other threads. I hope you wont mind it. ;) Thanks again for your hard work, all of us really do appreciate it! :D


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Well now I'm curious; who's number 1?

Mr. Tendou from Goma-chan is pure, chibi husbando. Guy pretty much strips every episode he's in and flashes pit hair that somehow is a turn on.


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You got it!
Bumi has many lovable traits but I feel more drawn to-

#1- Bandeiras Hattori from King of Fighters

Physically: Dark skin, average fit physique, decent ninja design.

Personality: A total geek who loves to workout for the sake of his ninja goals. Most things that could be seen as a flaw for him I see as adorable:
He's a wannabe ninja, super naive, and completely passionate about his niche dream of running a Brazillian Ninjutsu school. He's mostly comic relief but also unintentional fanservice (to me at least). A rare and interesting combination.


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Onotora Ikki from Beast Children


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Motherfuckin Volgin


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Richter Belmont


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Y'all sleeping on Yodai Higashizawa from The World Ends with You. He's SSR+++ Husbando material that you don't come across everyday

Nicknames:Big Guy,Steroids,Ram Crotch ( ° ʖ °),Higgy

Physically: A giant powerhouse (who's able to smash concrete into dust with one punch) with brown dreadlocks and a goatee

Personality: He may seem big and tough in the outside,but he's really a big softie who easily let his emotions get the best of him. He's also a big foodie, who's also a great chef

Conclusion: Y'all can NOT tell me that he isn't husband material, y'all just can't

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