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I've always had a thing for this.




Did you just bump the thread you made 4 minutes prior
When nothing else had been posted


FUCK YES! My absolute favourite kink, hands down! The world can never have enough Small Dom/Big Sub, as far as I'm concerned! Oh, what I won't do for my own big sub! D:


Please post at least 2 more images, otherwise the thread will be considered a request and moved to /rs/.


>>12365 It's a nice thread, thanks, but there's already a size difference thread in /alt with pics of small doms and big subs…


Thanks. ;)


What qualifies as "alt" though? Is small dom/Big sub that much different from a daddy thread? I know there are some that would involve giants, this one seems to be milder.


Who is this artist? Can I get a twitter link?


I think it's blue delliquanti

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