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Hey, hey, hey, HEY!

I'm releasing the Kraken. :3
Minor issues. Enjoy! :)

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Um… Regarding the black boxes issue, how are characters' sprites encrypted in this game? Were you able to unpack them? Did they have transparent backgrounds? IMO the issue might lie in the unpack/repack images process (I saw the body and soul background so I speculate that you must have edited the images too). Maybe the sprites lost their transparent backgrounds somehow (like when you convert a picture from .png to .jpg. Damn you Facebook). Well the problem might lie in the code like you said but that sounds a bit unlikely.

Anyway congratulations! Your effort is worth a million thanks from the bara fandom!


Patch should be online. Redownload the patch. (:
You want to test it for yourself. You can just use the original exe and (although it will show japanese again) no boxes will appear.
The exe is three files. A base exe, which I belive decrypts stuff, part of the HSP exe, which read the game script and the script, which contains how files will be read.


Thanks to you and anyone else that made this happen. Did you code this in HSP like the original?


Nonono, not coded everything back.
I just changed variables, coded some things.
For example: I had to code how the change of days appeared. I modified the original image, added "Saturday", etc. And then coded into the already existing code what part of that image should be cut. And some bits more. YES, I had to read over and over and over the manual, and really, that's ancient. WAY TOO ANCIENT. xD


Moved to >>>/dis/5425.

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Finally updated this with some new art.
Forgive the dialogue…please.


Why is this TO BE CONTINUED ;(
I wanna see the muscle man cum…

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I've been watching Gurren Lagann lately (yes, i'm way too late) and felt in love with this guy.

Tried to search doujinshi/ hentai arts of him (even straight one) but couldn't find any. Just found couple drawings and that's it.

Do you guys have any other pics to share?

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GomTang thread? GomTang thread.
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Several drawings and I can count the number of dicks with my fingers of one hand. Waste


Imagine being this deprived of dick that you can't appreciate good art of muscle bound men.

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