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File 22994273_p0_523743830.jpg - ( 352.56KB , 600x800 , 22994273_p0.jpg )
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I can't be the only one who has a serious thing for man tits.
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>> No. 19895
File 37736832_p2_275616028.jpg - ( 328.37KB , 800x563 , 37736832_p2.jpg )
>> No. 19896
File 32246795_64207243.jpg - ( 1.12MB , 1490x1128 , 32246795.jpg )
>> No. 19897
File 31290210_385964119.jpg - ( 227.96KB , 627x886 , 31290210.jpg )

File priapus3-jap_28129_954682969.jpg - ( 269.23KB , 1280x914 , priapus3-jap_28129.jpg )
19406 No. 19406 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey lovely bara community!
I recently came across this site, which has Priapus 3 by Mentaiko out now. Only issue is that the dicks are REALLY blanked out, and there isn't a file folder or download link, one would have to download each individual image separately. Does anyone know if this comic can be found anywhere else, either for a download or at least less censored penis? :P

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>> No. 19856
Its a shame japan has to be so ass-backwards about censorship like this.
>> No. 19863
Funny thing is, those censorship laws existed first because of Victorian morals being introduced, and then, after WWII, occupation officers didn't see any need to change that. To this day, the Japanese government just doesn't want to deal with it. And it is stupid.

I can deal with a few tiny black bars here and there, but the white hole censorship? Yeah, if I were Mentaiko, I'd get tired of detailing dicks too.
>> No. 19871
is there a translated version of this yet?

File 42999873_big_p8_856348569.jpg - ( 349.96KB , 500x856 , 42999873_big_p8.jpg )
19745 No. 19745 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Get to it. He is THE original foxy grandpa. Pay him his dues.
>> No. 19768
File 2014-04-24_00_46_26_826417402.png - ( 287.25KB , 570x682 , 2014-04-24 00_46_26.png )
>> No. 19836
bump. I've been waiting on more stuff of this guy :)

File 1610087_626276020781959_311303755630783317_n_278622749.jpg - ( 73.53KB , 855x960 , 1610087_626276020781959_311303755630783317_n.jpg )
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Hello folks. I recently came across this image, well 2 versions of it, I posted the one with less clothing involved. It's Zed and Shen from League of Legends. What I would like to ask is if anyone knows the artist of the picture. Thanks in advance :)
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>> No. 19744
funny how i was the anon who asked for that Zed and Shen pic
>> No. 19747
Where's the "Like" button? :D
>> No. 19820
it's from barauniversity's tumblr, guys

File animepaper_netpicture-standard-anime-lamento-bey_2099690076.jpg - ( 312.22KB , 699x1000 , [animepaper_net]picture-standard-anime-lamento-bey.jpg )
19800 No. 19800 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anybody want to share Lamento-related, preferably bondage-themed? :3
>> No. 19843
Lamento isn't really bara, so I don't think you'll get much support here. I do like Nitro+chiral, though.

File ackanime20-20Fireside20Den20Preview20-20Da_819387506.png - ( 305.97KB , 800x800 , ackanime%20-%20Fireside%20Den%20(Preview)%20-%20Da.png )
19430 No. 19430 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
DISCLAIMER: I am not the artist. But the person who IS the artist, Ackanime, is attempting to break out of their same old same old straight porn business and start up a new site for gay content. Since I'd like to see it succeed, both because I like the porns and because I hate to see an artist's dreams unfulfilled, I thought I'd inform anyone who might not be aware in the hopes that maybe some of y'all could chip in to the site's donation page.

Hope springs eternal.
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>> No. 19753
File you_just_dont_get_it_1946620169.jpg - ( 51.83KB , 300x300 , you_just_dont_get_it.jpg )
The artist doesn't need this money because he/she is going to starve otherwise—a rather insulting sentiment to justify paying someone, if I may say—it is an opportunity to gauge market response to a possible new product. Such monies, if successfully raised, would be put towards offsetting the lost hours and revenue from an already successful line of straight porn to start production of gay porn.

Time is money. If the artist can't prove it's worth his/her time, then there is no reason to put down a single drop of ink for a product that is not going to sell.

Yeah, it's totally a con game to raise money for a new product line. No, it's foolish to assume people should make shit for free and just hope that someone will hand over money down the line. That's how you make a starving artist.
>> No. 19784
Clean lines, decent depth and shading, plump uncut cocks.

Yeah, I'll say it: I can fap to this. And I have.
>> No. 19788
File orc_1009171951.png - ( 325.75KB , 800x561 , orc.png )
Me too. And I... REALLY want to see more of this guy.

The green one.

File Inkollo-Dragonsbreath-SONG2014a_313356262.jpg - ( 263.19KB , 650x1034 , Inkollo-Dragonsbreath-SONG2014a.jpg )
19767 No. 19767 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Do we have more baras about medieval hunks? Please share in this thread.
>> No. 19769
File 468125_-_Ghosts_n_Goblins_Magnum_Feering_Sir_Arthu_931241260.jpg - ( 122.32KB , 512x336 , 468125 - Ghosts_n_Goblins Magnum_Feering Sir_Arthu.jpg )
Sir Arthur, from Ghouls n' Ghosts.
>> No. 19770
File Arthur-project-x-zone_1123551473.png - ( 199.67KB , 405x488 , Arthur-project-x-zone.png )

File KingYemmaNV01_1520115738.png - ( 259.87KB , 640x480 , KingYemmaNV01.png )
19755 No. 19755 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have any rule34 of this guy? ;D

File Hey_handsome_1951852550.jpg - ( 30.53KB , 960x520 , Hey handsome.jpg )
19597 No. 19597 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Brace yourselves.
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>> No. 19736
File bf2-big_554423372.png - ( 906.72KB , 1215x1302 , bf2-big.png )
Oh lord.

>> No. 19740
>> No. 19743
File tumblr_n4gnqxkqKM1r0uumto1_r1_1280_1508467339.png - ( 811.85KB , 900x1200 , tumblr_n4gnqxkqKM1r0uumto1_r1_1280.png )

File tumblr_my0apuNzeg1rtnraeo7_500_1736144418.jpg - ( 317.49KB , 500x707 , tumblr_my0apuNzeg1rtnraeo7_500.jpg )
17567 No. 17567 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Looking for some GoW goodness. :D
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>> No. 19334

MIchael Barrick, as always, is super hot.
>> No. 19724
>> No. 19742
ot but whoever drew this clearly traced one of the pages from jiraiya's 'my teacher'

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