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File mmay2014_prev_355615764.png - ( 58.68KB , 320x143 , mmay2014_prev.png )
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its here maybe for more then 1 day but anyway does anyone have it with endings and could please bump it and thank you
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>> No. 20321
Army guy can be found here http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/66106980/file.html
>> No. 20322

Thanks - The army guy is QUICK - Hope the Others like Valentine's, St. Patrick's and Easter also join in.
>> No. 20384

File 15350358_1562819055.png - ( 345.80KB , 500x719 , 15350358.png )
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>> No. 20340
thanks mate!
>> No. 20348
File pokemonproff_24980079.jpg - ( 331.34KB , 2101x1531 , pokemonproff.jpg )
made this request on /y/
>> No. 20356
File chuck_842844989.jpg - ( 3.03MB , 3264x2448 , chuck.jpg )

File tumblr_mhqvlpA7jd1ryvym8o1_400_461535540.jpg - ( 85.40KB , 379x545 , tumblr_mhqvlpA7jd1ryvym8o1_400.jpg )
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< does anyone has it?
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>> No. 20298
File 45_878830603.png - ( 1.02MB , 838x1232 , 45.png )
Okay so I forgot to share this once I was done and showed it to Biitchylin. This is the chapter from G-Bless 9, which is why I labeled it as chapter three; though from what I could tell each "chapter" is stand alone. Just think of it like an episode of Scooby Doo, each new episode has a new mystery and the episodes don't go together (except for Mystery Incorporated). I will have to ask B.Lin if he feels like translating the other two chapters that are available to us. And also if anyone has the Anthology that Go Go Ghost is from and you feel like sharing it for a translation just let me know; I'm sure we all want more Ebisubashi translations. Anyway here is the link B.Lin shared on his site, just in case he adjusted anything. Please enjoy and be sure to inquire should you have/want anything else by Ebisubashi translated; you wont know if you don't ask.

>> No. 20304
Since I actually have the book, I can confirm the list in order:

風雲!男子寮 G-men 158
ch1 G-men 194
ch2 G-men 198
ch3 G-men 201
ch4 G-men 203
ch5 G-men 204
オヤジのイキザマ GBless 02
とらとトラ GBless 04
韃靼大アームレスリング部OB会 ComicGG 01
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 20312
cool that helps at least I know I got the chapter right.

File 134075005767s_1760943180.jpg - ( 15.50KB , 200x198 , 134075005767s.jpg )
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Was Ana Holic! or any other Japanese bara game ever translated? A lot of projects started up and then vanished.
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>> No. 19418
Can someone upload the full game?
>> No. 19678
Was there ever a CG pack released?
>> No. 20309
Ooooo! that`s cool! I wonder if there`s a chance of translation, now...?

File title_1038434612.jpg - ( 48.09KB , 742x200 , title.jpg )
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Does anybody know if there is a translated version of this?
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>> No. 19946
I'd say you should just buy this if you're so infatuated with his work like you claim to be.
Especially if it concerns the 風雲!男子寮 anthology, that one you probably won't find anywhere shared online.
And since Ebisu left the label, he's on his own distributing manga, most likely staying with digiket
>> No. 19950
I've only found go-ghost in 7,9 and 10
7 has ch2 and then 3,4 are in the next two.
I don't know where the others are since #4 does say "to be continued at the end".
>> No. 20299
File 44_345579539.png - ( 662.29KB , 824x1230 , 44.png )
Cannot post it here because it says its a duplicate entry but go here or here for translated chapter



File 300px-Sekai-seifuku-general-pepel_427264589.png - ( 86.46KB , 300x413 , 300px-Sekai-seifuku-general-pepel.png )
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Do you guys think that he will get fanart?
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>> No. 18654
File 42103652_p10_1671131412.jpg - ( 952.17KB , 1000x1000 , 42103652_p10.jpg )
>> No. 18672
Whipped cream for nipples? Dumb.
>> No. 20281
who's the artist

File 1_302010331.png - ( 483.48KB , 375x497 , 1.png )
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It's kinda rare to find bara merchandise, so I wanted to see if anyone else had some they'd found. Link to mousepad in pic: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/The-sexy-handsome-Takeo-pectoral-muscle-3D-anime-mouse-pad-/330929990123?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d0cf6e9eb
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>> No. 20267
This artist says he's gay, but he sure draws a lot of lady porn.
>> No. 20268
Well, statistically speaking, stuff aimed at straight men is 900% more likely to pay the bills than stuff aimed at gay men.

Also where is this mentioned? Does this artist have a profile somewhere else?
>> No. 20278

^That's his tumblr acc if anyone was curious.

File 39003339_592385853.jpg - ( 374.01KB , 1200x739 , 39003339.jpg )
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Please pictures bara of final fantasy, all characters bara.
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>> No. 19901
File Amarant_Trance_FFIX_Art_1563637111.jpg - ( 134.45KB , 510x501 , Amarant_Trance_FFIX_Art.jpg )
That happy moment when yu discover that the original design for Amarant's trance had him in fundoshi.
>> No. 19922
Auron and Jecht dj

>> No. 20129
File wI6FxIX_1794545473.png - ( 1.68MB , 1396x604 , wI6FxIX.png )
The even happier moment when you realize his in-game Trance model, while having nothing but a thick patch of pubes and otherwise Ken doll anatomy, is entirely nude.

File dantedmc_494598284.jpg - ( 90.93KB , 500x727 , dantedmc.jpg )
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Hey guys! I'm so sorry I do not know where to post this, but I want to know where I can meet other guys that are into guys. Bears and masculine men for possible relationship. I don't think I should be alone anymore. Or you could just turn this to a Devil May Cry Thread. Thanks guys :D
>> No. 20083
File 7159381_535264005.jpg - ( 264.51KB , 734x880 , 7159381.jpg )
Relationship advice/hookups should be in Discussion. But here, from the same artist.
>> No. 20106
OP here, thanks anon :D

File 418216dz_403507145.jpg - ( 320.79KB , 1280x982 , 418216dz.jpg )
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>> No. 20102
There's having a relationship then having all your personality sucked and only being gay. Comics actually need gay rolemodels who underemphasis this aspect. Gay people who's only trait is that they are gay is a lot worse than gay people who act straight. At then they have things other than being gay. Yes it's a good idea to show that gay people and straight people have different aspects to them as well as similar ones but look at Young avengers. That's just tumblr pandering. Yes before billy and teddy had a mild kiss only relationship but that was honestly better than when they became bland and boring as fuck. Herculus and Howlett were done well because it also showed them doing more. Gay relationships are hard to portray right but between the herc wolverine version and the Young avengers volume 3 version I would take the former EVERY time Because the later is frankly not a good portrayal. It just shows gay people as vapid cunts that get their way every time.
>> No. 20103
>Honestly, what you're asking for will never really happen, because it's an entirely unrealistic expectation.

Yes, I already stated all this a few posts back. It's the reason we can't have nice things. And

>When authors make it a point to highlight the fact that a character is, in fact, straight, it's often with things like waking up mostly naked in a bed full of women, or with overtly sexualized behavior, or even sexual harassment. It's usually not brought up in a positive light

I don't know what comics you're reading, but I've never seen Batman or Spiderman waking up in a bed of syringes with 10 hookers around them.

And pretty much everything >>20102 said.
I'd rather have NO gay characters in any comics than have them all be one dimensional "look at me I'm so gay" one trick ponies. There is nothing worse.
>> No. 20123
I've read so many unfinished and abandoned web comics it's not even funny. And the pacing is terrible. Updating Mon,Wed,Fri can mean conversations last weeks. Fights scenes last months because they literally go 1-hit at a time. You thought dragon ball Z was bad?

Half the time I see page updates where it's just a character walking into a room and looking around. When are they going to learn the difference between a comic and animation storyboard.

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