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File AIYULwY_2026312375.jpg - ( 99.12KB , 600x836 , AIYULwY.jpg )
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Anyone have anything? Google searches revealed.... nothing.
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>> No. 21279
File generals-tent-by-ryld_ib4f_2083293242.png - ( 852.23KB , 688x834 , generals-tent-by-ryld_ib4f.png )
>> No. 21549
File SPaRTa1_787746971.jpg - ( 42.28KB , 700x1061 , SPaRTa[1].jpg )
>> No. 21564
File Spartan_Warrior-731238_ib4f_569615837.jpg - ( 78.53KB , 600x869 , Spartan_Warrior-731238_ib4f.jpg )

File Wrestle-Fight_2056304199.jpg - ( 381.99KB , 850x693 , Wrestle-Fight.jpg )
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pls help me how to play this game some guide basic or walkthough will help
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>> No. 21363
I played it. all i did was remember all the Charaters and figured it out as I moved on. plus it helped that i made a list on what is what.
>> No. 21541
anyway i figure it out through a translator named chitran2 but i cant complete all the cg and i cant get that specific guy to strip down naked
most of the time i got lost in the middle and got the same event over and over again even choosing a different option
those stats and numbers gives me an headache
>> No. 21542
anyway if you want the game (not my upload) just search in google ( wrestle fight 2 baraxibia) will lead you to a forum site and make sure you have a 4shared account or something
i hope its still there i downloaded the game last month

File tumblr_m6wdkbL6Dp1roziulo1_500_1489660655.jpg - ( 63.40KB , 500x375 , tumblr_m6wdkbL6Dp1roziulo1_500.jpg )
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The flash game thread

Links games likes this http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/499884
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>> No. 21514
nothing found?
>> No. 21515
I have the regular Touch & Tease 3 but it only works if you have Unity(which collaborates with Firefox) installed in your PC

Sadly I don't have the walkthrough..
>> No. 21530

File Captura_de_pantalla_2014-07-03_a_las_09_29_09_805313411.png - ( 259.03KB , 649x409 , Captura de pantalla 2014-07-03 a las 09_29_09.png )
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>> No. 21480
>> No. 21519
>> No. 21521

Dat ass belongs to Torr from the upcoming Mortal Kombat X game. Torr is a new character who's very unique to the series because he fights in tandem with his dwarf companion, Ferra -- Master Blaster style.

He's quite the hunk, that's for sure! I approve of his skimpy outfit. <3

File mjun2014_prev_921956751.png - ( 196.61KB , 1230x550 , mjun2014_prev.png )
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Appears the last thread got removed heres the link again http://www45.zippyshare.com/v/61605532/file.html
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>> No. 21112


>> No. 21241
Anybody got pride month yet?
>> No. 21448
anyone got the supervillain yet?

File 5748482_48222918_681268382.jpg - ( 52.39KB , 600x536 , 5748482_48222918.jpg )
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Is anyone else having an issue with Pixiv, where some images aren't loading/showing?

It's not a R-18, turning off family filter, kind of thing but I'll go to an artists' page and someone their works is blank, thumbnail and all.

I dunnno, I was just wondering if anyone else was having or had this issue and if they could help?
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>> No. 21395
Thank you guys!
I went to the .net domain and now everything works.
LOL I'm glad I asked you guys, I thought it was something wrong with my browser at first.
>> No. 21428
I REALLY want the .com domain to get gif support because it's so much nicer and RAM-efficient, but time will tell.
>> No. 21437
I only prefer .net because I always use it since 2012, but I barely use .com because I got confused for that.

I only got 4GB ram in my pc, no problems at all. GIF support was started on 25 June this year, they called it Ugoira.

File BBH_394197300.png - ( 574.15KB , 816x639 , BBH.png )
21347 No. 21347 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Didn't see a thread about this, so...

There's a demo for a SFW, bara, macro visual novel made in Ren'Py by Leomon32 that released a short while ago. It's very short and the dialog is kinda stupid, but the art style is cute and I think it could turn into a fun, charming little VN if the creator keeps working on it and it doesn't go the way of "Nostalgia!". So, posting this for those who are unaware and/or may be interested in seeing where this goes.

Here's where you can download the demo:

>> No. 21366

I couldn't care less.
>> No. 21416
lots of potential in this one!
>> No. 21427
The fourth-wall breaking writing got a bit tiresome in a very short amount of time, but it's at least got some dynamic sperites and could be a fun go if Lemon just drops the fpurth-wall act.

File Ulf-bearth-War-Bear-Nude-1024x640_1498576727.jpg - ( 102.45KB , 1024x640 , Ulf-bearth-War-Bear-Nude-1024x640.jpg )
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i am looking for mod like this
anyone have it? plz...
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>> No. 21423
File ScreenShot77_950144543.png - ( 1.51MB , 1280x720 , ScreenShot77.png )
>> No. 21424
File ScreenShot73_1274059527.png - ( 873.90KB , 1280x720 , ScreenShot73.png )
>> No. 21425
File ScreenShot72_826900279.png - ( 866.61KB , 1280x720 , ScreenShot72.png )

File 568308_-_Eddie_Brock_Marvel_Peter_Parker_Spider-Ma_1632310315.jpg - ( 296.98KB , 1000x850 , 568308 - Eddie_Brock Marvel Peter_Parker Spider-Ma.jpg )
21414 No. 21414 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This is just the first example I could find, doesn't have to be superheroes.

File Screen_Shot_2014-05-23_at_11_29_02_AM_218996126.png - ( 865.68KB , 1060x934 , Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 11_29_02 AM.png )
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If you've read our comics pirated, please purchase a digital edition of the comics to make up for it :) http://www.dalelazarov.com/ :)
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>> No. 21400
Dude, I just looked at your twitter, and you follow so many accounts that just post pirated porn. If your defense is that they aren't comics and they aren't downloaded to your hard drive, you have to see the two-faced-ness of that.
>> No. 21402
don't reward him with replying to his posts, he likes to play his games here, for whatever reasons
just accept his being here as yet another of currently too many eyesores on this board...
>> No. 21411

Oh, I follow them back because they RT'd my posts.

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