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File beach_1666094346.jpg - ( 371.90KB , 600x685 , beach.jpg )
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Are they all this obscure?

File maxresdefault_835400917.jpg - ( 113.84KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
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I was playing Ryse: Son of Rome and wow, I was playing semi-hard all the way. Marius is hot and I got the weirdest dream about his armpits the night later.

Anything related to Roman or Greek motives.
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>> No. 16770
I found it hilarious how you can see his bulge every time he rolls.


17:00 has lots of bulge.
>> No. 16771
I watched Spartacus ONLY for the hairy naked men.

Then regretted it when I found out most of those penises were rubber prosthetics.
>> No. 17471
When I first saw Marius, I flipped out (in a good way) because he looks so much like the tank character in an RPG I've been working on with some people. I actually had even made him a follower when I was playing Skyrim, and I think now I will get collectors Elder Scrolls online, and try to make him. ^_^

File Scorpion_1578123068.jpg - ( 44.23KB , 365x720 , Scorpion.jpg )
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Ok, I want to pose this question because I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Is there anyone in the Mortal Kombat games that you just want to…screw around with? Lol XD

Personally speaking, my weakness is Scorpion. It's something about his backstory and his badass-ness that just makes me think he would be a freak between the sheets. :P :) Plus, if you've played the latest MK game (the 2011 version), you get to see a small glimpse into life before "Scorpion" in the Story mode. I just think that his mystery adds to his overall sex appeal. Not only that, but he also has a great ass in the game. And that takedown move with his legs? If you pause the game at just the right moment…*shudders* :P

SO, who's your fantasy fuck from Mortal Kombat??? (P.S. I can't believe I just admitted this. Lol XD)
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>> No. 17279
File mk_3_914753707.png - ( 736.08KB , 900x900 , mk 3.png )
>> No. 17283
I approve of this thread. Not enough Mortal Kombat bara.
>> No. 17467

Not enough porn in general. Heck, not enough fan art in general.

It's weird, considering that the Mortal Kombat franchise is so popular and classic. There's just something about Mortal Kombat that makes artists shy away from it.

Perhaps there's a mentality that, "This character is cool/hot, but I've also seen him/her die a hundred gruesome deaths. Boner killer."

File castello_1141436444.jpg - ( 38.22KB , 300x400 , castello.jpg )
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Something hot from this guy?

File image_1470177084.jpg - ( 185.67KB , 779x1025 , image.jpg )
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Now I'm not one for Disney movies. But holy f**king shit balls
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>> No. 17447
File 1_387011921.png - ( 186.93KB , 500x391 , 1.png )
The two guards of the duke guy are pretty bara but they have 0 lines in the movie.
>> No. 17448
Also http://boards.barachan.org/2D/res/16775.html
>> No. 17462
Now that's what I call Tumblr-level desperation!

File 512_uncensored_1358749437.jpg - ( 276.07KB , 671x475 , 512_uncensored.jpg )
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