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File muto_onaho_1107203940.gif - ( 189.14KB , 463x350 , muto_onaho.gif )
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I was wondering if anyone here has played the games on Dobenuzumis (I think that's the artists name) website. There are downloads for games on this site: http://guffaw-coccyx.com/game/ochinpokenshin/index.html

I've tried playing them but they always seem to crash after a certain point. I'm guessing it's because I'm not running them on a japanese pc?

Any help would be appreciated, also this could be a general thread for the artist too as I find his work to be really hot :0 .
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>> No. 27797
>> No. 28051
any step by step to play this as i can play any of them
>> No. 28052
and im running windows 8

File DJnoodlecart_-_Growing_Boy_1118767753.jpg - ( 73.96KB , 600x626 , DJnoodlecart - Growing Boy.jpg )
27150 No. 27150 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
one of my first bara crushes
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>> No. 27666
File Adam_Spitz_sketch_935907655.png - ( 694.52KB , 1068x1500 , Adam Spitz sketch.png )
And here's my first sketch of Adam!
Will possibly color this but I'd like to draw some more sketches too.
>> No. 27899
draw alden x adam pleeeease <3
I loved your artstyle >>27666
>> No. 27950
very good, sir

File 1306225_-_Argo_Gulskii_G_Gundam_Gundam_771323477.png - ( 595.26KB , 650x919 , 1306225 - Argo_Gulskii G_Gundam Gundam.png )
27684 No. 27684 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Some of gundam Bara?
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>> No. 27880
Which Gundam was the one where the pilots had to wear spandex body suits?
>> No. 27884
gundam g xD
>> No. 27901
The OP is from the show, Argo. They're some bara characters, but can tolerate some characters like Domon in skin tight suits.

File splash_1652321350.png - ( 255.50KB , 1020x565 , splash.png )
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There's a new bara game coming soon with art by Dongsaeng (yes he's still around, he's mostly been working on his web comic).


Can't wait. X3
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>> No. 29916
How do i unlock thomas' scenes for the beta?
>> No. 29988
Unlocked CG
Day 10, Morning, Daily Planner=> Thomas-> Good Workout and see Thomas how he work.

And I send you all unlocked walkthrough. see ya.
>> No. 30143
File tumblr_nrgujqPrBs1u9n94ao1_12801_525832870.png - ( 905.95KB , 1280x800 , tumblr_nrgujqPrBs1u9n94ao1_1280[1].png )

File tumblr_na96ce4P4J1qdqlkxo5_500_1157073596.jpg - ( 87.50KB , 500x661 , tumblr_na96ce4P4J1qdqlkxo5_500.jpg )
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>> No. 27802
File galahad_by_qissus-d8j1cfc_291050558.jpg - ( 108.58KB , 1024x622 , galahad_by_qissus-d8j1cfc.jpg )

File 73257543_187660109.gif - ( 2.88MB , 984x657 , 73257543.gif )
27766 No. 27766 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anything with Joel from The last of us?

File advd_1489262102.jpg - ( 437.41KB , 896x768 , advd.jpg )
27765 No. 27765 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
For some reason I'm having trouble finding art with dudes on the thinner side but are still hairy.

File TyranoBuilder_60950112.jpg - ( 89.29KB , 594x328 , TyranoBuilder.jpg )
27670 No. 27670 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Any Bara artists want to draw some Bara characters for this upcoming visual novel maker?

No doubt the default character models will be lacking in the Bara department I'm sure lol. It's coming out on Steam soon and I'm really thinking about making my own story with some help.

What do you think?
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>> No. 27687
TyranoScript is one engine for that no text-hooking is accurately working.
>> No. 27744
Regardless of all this, I would love if /2D/ could make a short bara VN.
>> No. 27745
I say don't waste your time or ours.
Now you say you have ideas but once you get started, like all others, you start to realize how much work such a project really entails and you'll end up cancelling it. That much is absolutely certain.

File 1411160721482_1076488147.jpg - ( 698.60KB , 1000x1517 , 1411160721482.jpg )
23514 No. 23514 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
does anyone have the newer chapter of this?
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>> No. 25738

Yo, shit is that Dirk Strider?
>> No. 27010
can we bump this for the new chapters?
>> No. 27621
do you haveher other creations too
see me after class, off white
i love her bara style

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