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File yaoih3ed54rf1-228x331_1045989307.png - ( 133.67KB , 228x331 , yaoih3ed54rf1-228x331.png )
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How do apply yaoih.com
Who knows? Tell me please

File 39393724_p1_master1200_209379141.jpg - ( 560.64KB , 1200x675 , 39393724_p1_master1200.jpg )
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>> No. 24285
File 11169092_1208975778.jpg - ( 98.23KB , 600x800 , 11169092.jpg )
>> No. 24286
File 46317870_p0_2084992863.png - ( 565.41KB , 1000x707 , 46317870_p0.png )
>> No. 24287
File 39470773_big_p0_698249869.jpg - ( 625.49KB , 1084x846 , 39470773_big_p0.jpg )

File 000_2124798616.jpg - ( 358.58KB , 1500x967 , 000.jpg )
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Another Bara sharing site might have bit the big one, hopefully it was just suspended. since the site is in spanish I don't know what the specifics are, even though the terms of service are in English. Hopefully this is just a minor glitch, Everyone let us pray to the Bara Gods.
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>> No. 23831
password pleaseTT
>> No. 24237
Don't post the password here! It's pretty hard to find a decent Bara Blog with good updates. If you're thinking it's unfais just try another options, like these ones:
http://cartoonyaoi.nibblebit.com/ (the password is the url)
>> No. 24246
I do not want to post this, but I do not know, I have requested a password many waters, he has not delivered. The earlier we discussed it. If you could please send me the password watering.

PS. I am really helpless. Please help me

File 2012-05-28_00005_1862471396.jpg - ( 180.99KB , 1600x900 , 2012-05-28_00005.jpg )
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does anyone have this?
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>> No. 24202
File 7891_-_Dead_Rising_Nick_Ramos_1860229958.jpg - ( 804.14KB , 1974x1629 , 7891 - Dead_Rising Nick_Ramos.jpg )
I hope no one minds if this becomes a general Dead Rising thread.
>> No. 24207
DAMN, finally some Nick bara stuff. So hot and wearing that outfit he deserve it.
>> No. 24233
File deadrising3_2014-10-20_21-04-30-24_882373728.jpg - ( 159.09KB , 1920x1080 , deadrising3 2014-10-20 21-04-30-24.jpg )
Nick is so damn cute, I love how he always has some sort of worried or scared expression in cutscenes as opposed to the other 2 protagonists, makes him even cuter.

File seth1_527112367.jpg - ( 195.78KB , 744x457 , seth1.jpg )
23605 No. 23605 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have this?
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>> No. 23644
I wish more artists like this did rule 34!!
>> No. 24192
Like...he got him nude and did them but just put them on the net? That's...different.
>> No. 24198
arn't these actually just redrawing of someone else's art? I remembering someone making a fuss over this a long time ago.

File tumblr_mfc9fquJj21qj2wj3o1_500_1542642225.jpg - ( 61.07KB , 500x708 , tumblr_mfc9fquJj21qj2wj3o1_500.jpg )
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self fucking.
Only for those who has ED
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>> No. 24160
I take it you haven't seen the plethora of videos that goes against your statement. And that's only videos, which should be understood to only be a small percent of what really happens.

Never say never.
>> No. 24185
Video as in human being self fuck. That's radical i never knew it possible in RL.
>> No. 24186

File thank_you____1000__watchers_by_silverjow-d7t7ezb_144592560.jpg - ( 921.74KB , 4560x3224 , thank_you____1000__watchers_by_silverjow-d7t7ezb.jpg )
24126 No. 24126 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Ok so this guy needs to get more popular!! I mean look at that shit!!! (pic related)
his deviantart account http://silverjow.deviantart.com/gallery/
>> No. 24127
Too softcore for me. I want sex and sausages, baby.
>> No. 24130
File the_perfect_man_by_silverjow-d7rhn62_231754397.jpg - ( 968.04KB , 4864x3613 , the_perfect_man_by_silverjow-d7rhn62.jpg )
Been following him on DA for quite a while now and I agree
>> No. 24136
I really wish silverjow did something a bit more lewd

OP's pic is probably the closest he's gotten to outright gay shit

he hasn't even done kissing

File image_695207070.jpg - ( 113.48KB , 640x480 , image.jpg )
21711 No. 21711 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Cause I can't find any of this material anymore
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>> No. 23126
you got the perspective wrong.
if it's just a moot point then good luck with finding buyers that are willing to let you use their private information
>> No. 23180
Yea it used your name from your credit card and your email that you paid from to access. I am not an idiot, I just didnt want to legally change my name for a week to buy the game.
>> No. 24099
you can still buy the game. i emailed them awhile back to request the files again since my old computer died and i really enjoyed the games. i think he said he just needed 10 dollars and he'd grab the files for me. but as someone who already bought them i didn't feel the need to repurchase them.

File tumblr_n42z5bA2Wy1s446huo3_1280_1787967497.png - ( 498.07KB , 750x853 , tumblr_n42z5bA2Wy1s446huo3_1280.png )
24052 No. 24052 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone know the artist of this?
>> No. 24067
Ask here instead: http://boards.barachan.org/2D/res/5386.html

File tumblr_n4roqxsZpo1ql94emo1_500_1940977536.jpg - ( 102.24KB , 500x628 , tumblr_n4roqxsZpo1ql94emo1_500.jpg )
22614 No. 22614 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey, i am looking for this one special gay game.
it starts with you standing outside this bar/club and you need to get in, by having to do a *** to the guard. and then you get in, and have sex al the way to the male stripper and either be the bottom or the top,, so whats the name? about 1-2 years i found it and downloaded it for free, but then my pc crashed! :D so you get my point right? :D
19 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 22843
Anyone have any art of the game?
I'd like to know what they all look like before DLing it.
>> No. 22853
File Kristoph_Laugh_1792702367.gif - ( 10.87KB , 256x192 , Kristoph_Laugh.gif )
>find the concept interesting and look it up
>see a screenshot feauring ugly-ass DAZ models or something like that
Sure dodged a bullet there
>> No. 24009
Sure, but I'm sure in 2002 that sort of thing was as hot as the lagging vertically-loaded pinup girl on Netscape Navigator.

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