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File Capturepal_210697519_1387539801.jpg - ( 131.29KB , 732x522 , Capturepal_210697519.jpg )
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Palanca sadly passed away on July :(

this thread is to show the great talent
of an artist with a big kinky love for male feet!

share everything you have from him! old and new

in Memory of PALANCA
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>> No. 23820
File tumblr_m2eb3zMNNU1qd11kxo1_1280_181997835_1503292667.jpg - ( 105.79KB , 577x548 , tumblr_m2eb3zMNNU1qd11kxo1_1280_181997835.jpg )
>> No. 23821
File 1187117192_satipotapir_toonish_worship_600_1887411014.jpg - ( 115.10KB , 630x923 , 1187117192_satipotapir_toonish_worship_600.jpg )
>> No. 23822
File woodcut2008sm_1735780790.jpg - ( 60.20KB , 317x654 , woodcut2008sm.jpg )

File 25419174_p0_922322480.jpg - ( 372.75KB , 800x1000 , 25419174_p0.jpg )
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it's same real handsome gentleman just like Shokichi Komachi

File New_Canvas_418776008.jpg - ( 229.37KB , 1543x2000 , New Canvas.jpg )
23729 No. 23729 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hello guys,
I'm making paid bara and yaoi commissions.
For one picture I usually take $10. I can also lower the pricing if it is necessary.
Just contact me on my e-mail adress for details:


You can request pictures from the anime like Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, etc.
Just anything you want.
Drawings will be full-colored.

Also check out my gallery:
>> No. 23752
great art!

File d851358b11dbc59316dab880201d249e-d7ejxr3_1847550796.jpg - ( 260.27KB , 708x1000 , d851358b11dbc59316dab880201d249e-d7ejxr3.jpg )
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does anyone have it?

File image_481769156.jpg - ( 60.61KB , 500x583 , image.jpg )
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File tumblr_n9ieosYdQW1s0yvx3o1_500_2047704821.jpg - ( 59.77KB , 500x433 , tumblr_n9ieosYdQW1s0yvx3o1_500.jpg )
23535 No. 23535 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Do somebody now where is this from?
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>> No. 23540
He deleted his Pixiv unfortunately
>> No. 23541
Is there anything more tragic in life than a good porn artist forever disappearing overnight? Probably not.
>> No. 23542

Well, there is a tumblr (kuronezumiinu.tumblr.com) with his stuff but I think it's more recent stuff than the stuff he had on pixiv previously.


Any reason why? D=

File 722660_211913276.jpg - ( 65.33KB , 555x600 , 722660.jpg )
20004 No. 20004 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I didn't see one, so I guess I'll make one!
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>> No. 21372
say to the kind person who shared this gif, how did you get it off of the site?
>> No. 23505
File 45727517-Tama_1998896254.jpg - ( 632.54KB , 1338x1338 , 45727517-Tama.jpg )
bampy wampy
>> No. 23524
File 263_1624272976.gif - ( 27.58KB , 617x707 , 263.gif )

File 49275a5b_197681128.jpg - ( 72.60KB , 580x580 , 49275a5b.jpg )
23496 No. 23496 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
There's probably some snarky comparisons between bara and yaoi from a Japanese perspective here. Anyone care to translate? You will earn all my love, but otherwise will be doing it for diddly squat. Make me proud!
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>> No. 23509
This is NOT the comparison between bara and yaoi.
This is "Guy you want as boyfriend and Guy you just want to look at".
The comparison like this has been in fashion among Japanese fusjoshi.

"Guy you just want to look at"
-looks a person of mind, but bit shy
-beautiful, and trendy
-cherishes you
-slender figure
-prefers solitude

"Guy you want as boyfriend"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 23511
Here's the RAW text:
彼氏にしたい男の子/The guy that you want as a boyfriend
(一緒にいたい)/(someone you want to be with)
たまにいじわる/will sometimes teases you
なんでもできる/Can do anything
カジュアル/But casual
クラスの中心人物/Central figure of the class
ひっぱってくれる/A leader
175とか/Around 175cm tall

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 23523
I was trying to make sense of it as comparisons.
If one is fashionable then the "style" must refer to something else. Either hair or those chicken scratches '''' were ワンワン
With that short hand I wasn't sure looking at. Seems obvious what its suppose to be now when I look at it.

I made a lot of guess based on what I could make out on top of the assumption that the lists items were related.

File Picture_121_513129795.png - ( 338.75KB , 1024x814 , Picture 121.png )
23341 No. 23341 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I know Tagame has fiddled around with 3D animation but not much, the most he's done is Desert Dungeon (amazing!), and I can only find ONE of his oldest videos called 'CAPTURED' where a guy is captured then milked with the same 'green serum' that makes you cum as seen in Desert Dungeon #10. Does anyone know or have any older videos? I was told ages ago he made a milking one but it is impossible to find? Any help would be MOST appreciated.

(Screen cap from CAPTURED)
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>> No. 23478
But all of the links are blocked. :(
(the filemonster, the g*y4it) :(
>> No. 23488
Sadly no, there was only a milking scene, then one after where he pumps it back into his belly, but it's still within the "captured" series, I think it was just this and desert dungeon quickly after, even though I'm sure he fiddled around with more 3D stuff in between. Notice how Tagame's main male poser changes drastically in style/body type from the 3D one where he gets fucked by a dog, the police male figure in CAPTURED, and the DD slave hunk. Hmm....
>> No. 23493
I think he was using the poser to generate some static artwork, though I seem to recall that he had a video that was just of the nude model rotating or something like that...

File tutorimgjay_068-350x306_1695425914.jpg - ( 33.46KB , 350x306 , tutorimgjay_068-350x306.jpg )
20264 No. 20264 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anybody have any of these? Or know what happened to the guy behind the site?
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>> No. 23256
No more chapters from Tutoring Jay?
>> No. 23330
>> No. 23492
Make sure the checkbox for the download accelerator is empty

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