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File Requests-2D_1819902613.jpg - ( 30.50KB , 200x100 , Requests-2D.jpg )
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Post any and all requests in here, that includes requests for identification.
If you wish to repost material in a separate thread, please report the images in question so that I may remove them from the thread.

Requests posted anywhere else WILL be promptly deleted without warning.
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>> No. 19758

For the record this is what I'm referring too. (The link is broken obviously)

File Inkollo-Dragonsbreath-SONG2014a_313356262.jpg - ( 263.19KB , 650x1034 , Inkollo-Dragonsbreath-SONG2014a.jpg )
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Do we have more baras about medieval hunks? Please share in this thread.
>> No. 19769
File 468125_-_Ghosts_n_Goblins_Magnum_Feering_Sir_Arthu_931241260.jpg - ( 122.32KB , 512x336 , 468125 - Ghosts_n_Goblins Magnum_Feering Sir_Arthu.jpg )
Sir Arthur, from Ghouls n' Ghosts.
>> No. 19770
File Arthur-project-x-zone_1123551473.png - ( 199.67KB , 405x488 , Arthur-project-x-zone.png )

File 42999873_big_p8_856348569.jpg - ( 349.96KB , 500x856 , 42999873_big_p8.jpg )
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Get to it. He is THE original foxy grandpa. Pay him his dues.
>> No. 19768
File 2014-04-24_00_46_26_826417402.png - ( 287.25KB , 570x682 , 2014-04-24 00_46_26.png )

File tumblr_n1bdcvRgyB1sppr93o3_1280_83604604.jpg - ( 176.73KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_n1bdcvRgyB1sppr93o3_1280.jpg )
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How about a new thread with screen captures or GIFs of hot, sexy video game dudes. Anyone from Piers, Chris, Chuck Greene, Ellis, Louis Francis, James Vega, etc...
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>> No. 19276
Is he applied the jake and agent body with pier's nude mod?
>> No. 19535
thought there'd be more naked piers images and vidz
>> No. 19766
need more of this

File tumblr_n3tzwsopQN1rmkej0o1_1280_371688941.jpg - ( 71.18KB , 542x752 , tumblr_n3tzwsopQN1rmkej0o1_1280.jpg )
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Rarely has pictures with this fetish. Especially masters, (waiters are easier) there are few who appear in the anime, I really like them. Tend to be a bit older, mature. Their clothes are elegant and sexy. The waiters are also very hot.

Can also post guys wearing only aprons.

Master (Hamatora the Animation)
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>> No. 19763
>> No. 19764
File tumblr_n3tzwsopQN1rmkej0o4_1280_424466406.jpg - ( 76.46KB , 542x752 , tumblr_n3tzwsopQN1rmkej0o4_1280.jpg )
>> No. 19765
File tumblr_n3tzwsopQN1rmkej0o5_1280_377277293.jpg - ( 85.29KB , 542x752 , tumblr_n3tzwsopQN1rmkej0o5_1280.jpg )

File 2014_03_29_0016_1310035609.jpg - ( 0.96MB , 1920x1080 , 2014_03_29_0016.jpg )
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Is there anything on Karok from Vindictus?

I've checked R34 which gave results to only 5 images and the source of the drawn Karok material yielding to a surprising, but very little amount from the source of the images on the artist's blog.

I've even checked for material by searching Karok's name in Japanese ('カロック') which lead to surprising results of a lot of images of Karok wearing various undergarments and fundoshi.

I have grown quite curious, and wonder if there is anymore on him other than the results I have found. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 19750
Haven't seen anything, but they need to give Karok and Hurk the bulge inner armor they gave Kai.
>> No. 19759
Which inner armor would that be?
If you mean the on that looks like a tumor, that thing is just all sorts of wrong. Especially on Lann.

File KingYemmaNV01_1520115738.png - ( 259.87KB , 640x480 , KingYemmaNV01.png )
19755 No. 19755 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have any rule34 of this guy? ;D

File 37263460_p2_1330863958.jpg - ( 341.98KB , 560x900 , 37263460_p2.jpg )
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Shut up and JUST THROW IMAGE to this thread!!!!!
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>> No. 19034
File 40232828_p3_1931132451.jpg - ( 494.05KB , 600x800 , 40232828_p3.jpg )
>> No. 19035
File 456442165_anonib_56737081.jpg - ( 169.78KB , 451x694 , 456442165_anonib.jpg )
>> No. 19754
File 187432_805528618.jpg - ( 232.35KB , 484x750 , 187432.jpg )

File ackanime20-20Fireside20Den20Preview20-20Da_819387506.png - ( 305.97KB , 800x800 , ackanime%20-%20Fireside%20Den%20(Preview)%20-%20Da.png )
19430 No. 19430 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
DISCLAIMER: I am not the artist. But the person who IS the artist, Ackanime, is attempting to break out of their same old same old straight porn business and start up a new site for gay content. Since I'd like to see it succeed, both because I like the porns and because I hate to see an artist's dreams unfulfilled, I thought I'd inform anyone who might not be aware in the hopes that maybe some of y'all could chip in to the site's donation page.

Hope springs eternal.
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>> No. 19674
It's not unreasonable when you consider that a. it's her full time job, and b. starting a subscription service without knowing for sure that folks are willing to pay for it would be foolish.
>> No. 19752
Except not really. And you could poll or something. If they're at a full time job and have other websites already, then it's not like they're in the streets starving. It's pretty foolish to con people into paying you to pay you.
>> No. 19753
File you_just_dont_get_it_1946620169.jpg - ( 51.83KB , 300x300 , you_just_dont_get_it.jpg )
The artist doesn't need this money because he/she is going to starve otherwise—a rather insulting sentiment to justify paying someone, if I may say—it is an opportunity to gauge market response to a possible new product. Such monies, if successfully raised, would be put towards offsetting the lost hours and revenue from an already successful line of straight porn to start production of gay porn.

Time is money. If the artist can't prove it's worth his/her time, then there is no reason to put down a single drop of ink for a product that is not going to sell.

Yeah, it's totally a con game to raise money for a new product line. No, it's foolish to assume people should make shit for free and just hope that someone will hand over money down the line. That's how you make a starving artist.

File mmar2014_prev_751561844.png - ( 65.65KB , 320x143 , mmar2014_prev.png )
18436 No. 18436 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
anybody got a download link and the walktrough if not too much too ask? :)-
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>> No. 19696
Bump. We still need these. .... THANKS
>> No. 19730
File fg014_48957876.jpg - ( 87.08KB , 582x800 , fg014.jpg )
I can't help but be slightly impressed at the sheer volume of work he's managing to churn out at the moment, even if large parts of it have been disappointing.
>> No. 19751
Anyone have a copy of Valentines, St. Patrick's and Easter?

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