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File art_1284688526.png - ( 26.58KB , 128x128 , art.png )
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I saw the /fur/ one and also the works posted in /ot/ so I thought we need one too! :)

1) Be polite to the drawfriends - they're drawing for you, after all.

2) Specifics, details and references pics are always appreciated, and increase the likelihood of your request being fulfilled.

3) Don't expect your request to be done straight away, or even at all - not every request is going to get done. If you think it's been overlooked, wait a while and relink or repost it.

4) Don't be greedy - no begging for repeat fills. It's ungrateful to the drawfags who put their own time into filling for you. If the characters or kink for them are rare, at least wait several threads before requesting again.
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>> No. 22679
File marduk_1547874727_324622786.jpg - ( 282.43KB , 1280x656 , marduk_1547874727.jpg )
did anyone still want this short removal? here ya go, didn't do a very good job but I tried :/

File Requests-2D_1819902613.jpg - ( 30.50KB , 200x100 , Requests-2D.jpg )
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Post any and all requests in here, that includes requests for identification.
If you wish to repost material in a separate thread, please report the images in question so that I may remove them from the thread.

Requests posted anywhere else WILL be promptly deleted without warning.
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>> No. 22711
Thank you!

File tumblr_n4roqxsZpo1ql94emo1_500_1940977536.jpg - ( 102.24KB , 500x628 , tumblr_n4roqxsZpo1ql94emo1_500.jpg )
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Hey, i am looking for this one special gay game.
it starts with you standing outside this bar/club and you need to get in, by having to do a *** to the guard. and then you get in, and have sex al the way to the male stripper and either be the bottom or the top,, so whats the name? about 1-2 years i found it and downloaded it for free, but then my pc crashed! :D so you get my point right? :D
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>> No. 22695
File jakbot_2070148924.jpg - ( 51.13KB , 173x393 , jakbot.jpg )

Any games in particular you like me to upload?
>> No. 22696

Most game are web-based and the flash (.swf) file is the real game...
Room is some sort of demo/unfinished game
>> No. 22710
Source of the pic?

File image_695207070.jpg - ( 113.48KB , 640x480 , image.jpg )
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Cause I can't find any of this material anymore
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>> No. 21755
>> No. 22704
To be fair, someone could upload the game and their login info. Game company doesn't exist anymore, so nothing they can do about it anyway.
>> No. 22709
That'd be pretty nice, lord knows it's out there.

File Doendragasailor_1871498723.jpg - ( 121.84KB , 400x447 , Doendragasailor.jpg )
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I would like to see some naughty things from them. Hehe
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>> No. 22297
Yeah, the beard helped a lot.

Fun fact: Cid is voiced by the same guy who voiced the Warrior of Light in the Dissidia games!
>> No. 22603
im going to create a bara free company on the lamia server anyone care to join? it is not yet but send me a friend request ( namoo voidlord ) and i will invite you when i can
>> No. 22706
File tumblr_na1nown1v91ql94emo4_1280_1629024218.jpg - ( 289.35KB , 1024x576 , tumblr_na1nown1v91ql94emo4_1280.jpg )
Really liking how some people making small edits to there roe.
oh really never played any of the dissida games are they any good?
Might I suggest you also make a bara linkshell just in case other people are already in a FC but would like to talk to other bara players.

File image_1651376702.jpg - ( 110.77KB , 640x873 , image.jpg )
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Ryu Hayabusa, Hayate / Ein, Jann Lee, Rig, Bayman, Leon, Eliot, Brad Wong, Bass Armstrong, Zack and Gen Fu. (You can even include Akira Yuki and Jacky Bryant from Virtua Fighter if you like since they technically were guest characters in DOA5)

These guys need LOTS OF LOVE. They're so underrated.
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>> No. 22701
source ?
>> No. 22703


Funny thing is that it was posted by Team Ninja's Community Manager (Chin Soon Sun) on Facebook.
>> No. 22705
Thanks ! =)

File BIB-CH15-00Cover-IEROZCFERG_602778346.jpg - ( 161.43KB , 700x1017 , BIB-CH15-00Cover-IEROZCFERG.jpg )
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I want to start a new thread about my own comic - big is better. Thanks.

Another chapter is out, and a new chapter is starting. Samson is looking stronger than ever, but should I add more sex to the story?

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>> No. 22698
lol and you are being very respectful tothe artist
>> No. 22699

I am a big fxxxin QUEER myself, so what?

If you are that fuxxin sensitive to the word queer, maybe you shouldn't come here, cause here people are gonna say things harsh and hurtful, whether you like it or not.

I love my fans. It's for them that I keep on drawing. Sometimes they can be harsh on me but they do care. People like you who don't give a shit about me or my works are not my fans. So don't expect me to throw back roses when you are throwing stones at me.
>> No. 22702
>posts porn on an adult board
>censors curse words for some reason

File Takuma_winner_KOF2k2UM_301413217.gif - ( 25.29KB , 173x212 , Takuma_winner_KOF2k2UM.gif )
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He is handsome, charming, strong and very hot! Let's post everything about Takuma!
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>> No. 21253
That last pic is definetely not NJay's...
>> No. 21257
Last pic is a Takaki's image (from y!gallery)
>> No. 22700
We need more of this daddy!

File Sample-Page-FRONT_899335847.jpg - ( 579.15KB , 749x1060 , Sample-Page-FRONT.jpg )
22622 No. 22622 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys!!!
I just done my first comic!!!And it's totally Free!! (I know you all like free stuffs)
So...I wanna share it with you guys!! The Bara experts XD

Hope you enjoy it and please leave some comments

PS. This is the first comic I ever made, but will not be the last one! I am looking for some inspiration and thought of my next comic. If anyone of you guys have an interesting fiction that want to be drawn into comic, tell me and maybe we can work together!

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>> No. 22689
The art is magical! But I do agree the dialog is a bit difficult.
However :p yes people do say I'm cumming, and uwaa is a sfx for grunts and other such sounds. And actually an artist is considered a sensei. Manga, traditional painting, photographer, the list goes on. But I think the guy is snapping reference pictures for his ero comic.
So he IS spot on there!
Great job, please draw more!
>> No. 22693
I have to say that the comic is heavily based on Japanese comic so yes they do have weird sounds effect XD And some of them are also just my preferences. Anyway thanks for the critique and feel free to do the same with other of my comics.
>> No. 22694
Also, just so you know, English is not my first language.

File greek_love_1144673907.jpg - ( 28.41KB , 249x346 , greek_love.jpg )
19943 No. 19943 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Has someone seen it?
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>> No. 22317
unfortunately i don't have credit card...

although i have crad i can't let my roommate know it(the bill)....
>> No. 22691
I am totally waiting for the digital version of this. I'm new to the board so excuse me when I goop myself knowing Dale posts here.
Your artwork is captivating and beautiful D:
>> No. 22692
I am totally waiting for the digital version of this. I'm new to the board so excuse me when I goop myself knowing Dale posts here.
Your artwork is captivating and beautiful D:

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