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File art_1284688526.png - ( 26.58KB , 128x128 , art.png )
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I saw the /fur/ one and also the works posted in /ot/ so I thought we need one too! :)

1) Be polite to the drawfriends - they're drawing for you, after all.

2) Specifics, details and references pics are always appreciated, and increase the likelihood of your request being fulfilled.

3) Don't expect your request to be done straight away, or even at all - not every request is going to get done. If you think it's been overlooked, wait a while and relink or repost it.

4) Don't be greedy - no begging for repeat fills. It's ungrateful to the drawfags who put their own time into filling for you. If the characters or kink for them are rare, at least wait several threads before requesting again.
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>> No. 25784
Thanks, you're awesome! *MWAH* :D

File Requests-2D_1819902613.jpg - ( 30.50KB , 200x100 , Requests-2D.jpg )
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Post any and all requests in here, that includes requests for identification.
If you wish to repost material in a separate thread, please report the images in question so that I may remove them from the thread.

Requests posted anywhere else WILL be promptly deleted without warning.
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>> No. 25974

File Bara_-_Watermelon_533964513.jpg - ( 528.89KB , 700x660 , Bara_-_Watermelon.jpg )
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I'd like to make a thread consisting of this guy's work, if you dudes would be so kind ^^
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>> No. 25984
http://sakuramarusan.tumblr.com/ He's still around
>> No. 26021
File 42894077_480mw_617324113.jpg - ( 134.95KB , 480x599 , 42894077_480mw.jpg )
So he's the one that drew this? It's like my favorite picture on the internet! :D
>> No. 26023
No, it's a different guy

File mm-031214_1648567483.png - ( 285.52KB , 891x920 , mm-031214.png )
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so, I haven't recently uploaded a new Humplex collection, since I wanted to do some reworks but haven't gotten around to them, until now.. you'll find a current archive with all the monthly manful stuff and the according walkthroughs for the endings.


new features:
* I've tried to classify each ending according to it's type (fucking, oral, fingering and so on) as well as whether the npc's topping or bottoming
* there's a basic filter to see only endings fitting certain criteria

feedback: while I'd love some help updating the ending types/positions, I'm still rather concerned adding an email or anything else easily traceable to my posts. I'll check this thread occasionally for the next two weeks, after that I'll have to decide what to do, don't expect answers after that point though, I'm not good at keeping long term relationships with forums ;-)

for the other nerds:
I've decided to include the data file (content.xml) which is used to generate the html file as I've seen someone attempt to edit the html directly (which is somewhat ineffiecient and doesn't work with the new filtering scripting stuff I've added in the past few months). so if anybody want's to pick up my work if while I'm busy or simply lazy, try to edit the content.xml and use an xslt processor to generate the html file
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>> No. 26000
File TripleXmas_1776030297.png - ( 192.30KB , 749x554 , TripleXmas.png )
In the spirit of giving, I collected three of the (as far as I'm aware) absent parts of the catalogue. I was going to keep them in reserve so that I could get others to buy different ones in exchange, but what the heck, 'tis the season of giving.


(Get 'em quick though, I won't be uploading this again)
>> No. 26001
Big big thanks!!!
>> No. 26022
Thanks for the gift.

File 20110413_8fdc544875d03f6de10fQn1WAX4BzmxC_263668799.jpg - ( 423.49KB , 800x914 , 20110413_8fdc544875d03f6de10fQn1WAX4BzmxC.jpg )
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Post your husbando ,or husbandos.
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>> No. 25992
File tumblr_my96gr7w9x1s1xeu8o1_1280_1848179888.png - ( 0.96MB , 943x707 , tumblr_my96gr7w9x1s1xeu8o1_1280.png )
>> No. 26002

Who's this artist?
>> No. 26018
Artist: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=598317
Photoset: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=34652628

File Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sapphire_Archie_184414798.png - ( 474.65KB , 607x1280 , Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sapphire_Archie.png )
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The new Team Aqua designs are AMAZING! Please tell me there's some stuff of them already.
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>> No. 26017
Thanks you're awesome
>> No. 26019
File 14188244425551_1151192712.jpg - ( 87.64KB , 612x868 , 14188244425551.jpg )
>> No. 26020
File 14188244425572_1578686670.jpg - ( 69.09KB , 504x867 , 14188244425572.jpg )

File 1437699_-_Dragon_Age_Iron_Bull_dragon_age_inquisit_1327859152.jpg - ( 575.28KB , 1007x1400 , 1437699 - Dragon_Age Iron_Bull dragon_age_inquisit.jpg )
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>> No. 26010
File tumblr_ngqjjhOmQG1rb1m5ro2_1280_1603761024.jpg - ( 195.71KB , 798x800 , tumblr_ngqjjhOmQG1rb1m5ro2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 26011
File tumblr_ngqjjhOmQG1rb1m5ro3_1280_1213398575.jpg - ( 191.97KB , 798x800 , tumblr_ngqjjhOmQG1rb1m5ro3_1280.jpg )
>> No. 26012
File tumblr_ngqjjhOmQG1rb1m5ro4_1280_405619443.jpg - ( 179.21KB , 798x800 , tumblr_ngqjjhOmQG1rb1m5ro4_1280.jpg )

File screenshot0002_604094107.png - ( 817.95KB , 1280x720 , screenshot0002.png )
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I'm quite surprised that there's no thread for this yet. Anyway, it's out today!
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>> No. 25986
Yeah I googled and got some answers but was just wondering if I could use those programs to get the images since they were talking about extracting cg from asian games.
Never thinked about python but thanks :)

But perhaps I'll wait she releases the patch for gallery, so glad I bought the game
>> No. 25995
A lot of the previous messages made me think this board is filled with horny 14-years-old cheapskates that have developed a huge sense of self-entitlement after years of free porn. It's $15 which is about 2 hours of a minimum wage job. If talking about bang for buck, I spent at least 6 hours going through the game and enjoying the dialogue, so it worth more than 2 movie tickets for me.
A lot of you (hopefully just one extremely demanding person) said that the game was funded, so it should be free. Yeah..it was, but probably not by you. You just want to free ride off of the contributions of others.
Back to the game.
It's a bit of a shame that the guys aren't was rugged as I hoped--but they are still pretty damn hunky.
Yeah, I can't have a solid wank with this game; unless I can overcome my ADHD and retrain myself to wanking to one image. In the end, I thoroughly enjoy the game and the art and the work and time they put into it. Also, it's a fresh and novel experience for me since I've never played a gay interactive novel in a language that I can understand.
>> No. 26003
Could we please cease the bitching?
I'm annoyed enough when people ask for copies of paid and moan, but I'm equally annoyed by SJWs moaning about how others leech copyrighted/paid stuff.
People are going to be selfish and not post their copies, and also there are gonna be people who pirate stuff, deal with it FFS.

File mdec2014_prev_1628214860.png - ( 175.88KB , 1230x550 , mdec2014_prev.png )
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>> No. 25980
Thank you Anon for the manful and the walkthrough! ♥♥♥
>> No. 25993
>> No. 25994

File BIB-CH15-00Cover-IEROZCFERG_602778346.jpg - ( 161.43KB , 700x1017 , BIB-CH15-00Cover-IEROZCFERG.jpg )
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I want to start a new thread about my own comic - big is better. Thanks.

Another chapter is out, and a new chapter is starting. Samson is looking stronger than ever, but should I add more sex to the story?

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>> No. 25631
File BIB2-Book-004_1742749082.jpg - ( 407.79KB , 1000x1000 , BIB2-Book-004.jpg )
The view of the inside page.
>> No. 25781
File BIB2-Book-007_465718792.jpg - ( 312.61KB , 1000x941 , BIB2-Book-007.jpg )
Another beauty shot of the book. :)
>> No. 25991
How do we actually buy the books? I can't find them on the Inkollo Store.

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