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Clarification — by Rexxar at 01/16/17 (Mon) 06:48:04

Alright people, so apparently it seems that some users are still very confused about the new boards update.

I realize I could have done a much better job at explaining things (I partially blame my insomnia for that), and I also noticed that I forgot to mention some things, so I will attempt to rectify that lack of information in this post.

First of all; The removal of boards.
In this 2017 update I wanted to streamline and simplify the board layout, so that users can spend less time worrying about WHERE to view/post things, and more time actually viewing or posting content.

/etc/ is going away simply because a vast majority of the content inside that board could fit just as well inside /fur/, /2D/ or /alt/ given the new rules and content specifications.
There was a lot of confusion as to what fit in there and why, which in turn resulted in a lot of friction on the other boards as people ended up requesting certain content moved to /etc/ because it offended their tastes.
It also didn't help that A LOT of people confused /etc/ with /alt/, posting things like shota in it. So now the board is going away and is being "replaced" with the actual primary content boards, like it should have been from the beginning.

Now the removal of /request/ and /req/ is for the exact same reason. A lot of the time people ended up being warned or having their posts deleted /moved because they didn't understand the subtle difference; /req/ for general requests, /request/ for comic/doujin/manga requests. Now instead I've condensed ALL of the board's requests into one single section: /rs/.
This means that there will be no more confusion as to what goes where. If it's a request, it goes in /rs/. Done.

As mentioned in the previous news post, this DOES NOT mean that the boards are going to be immediately deleted.
I will be keeping them around for at least another week or two, to make sure that all the material people feel is worth migrating, gets migrated. And that only the junk threads that no one really cared about gets removed once the board is deleted.

Second; The adding of new boards
This is a subject I completely forgot to mention in the previous news post, so here it is.

/rs/ is very simple to explain. It's the new request board, which means that any and all requests from any and all boards should be posted in here. This includes things like source requests, identification requests and general "Please post these particular images" requests.

Additionally, say hello to /ptr/, the section dedicated solely to Patreon and Enty related posts. This mainly because the Patreon/Enty sticky threads got so immensely popular, I felt they deserved their own board. This will also help people more easily find the content they want, if it's Patreon-only rewards, look on /ptr/, otherwise check the other sections.
This of course means that ONLY Patreon/Enty stuff goes in there, such as image packs and certain image posts, and that any Patreon-related request still goes in /rs/ as per reasons stated in the /rs/ info above.

Third; The rules

Well the rules thing is also very simple to explain. We now have clearly outlined rules that tells you what to post, what not to post, and how to act when posting and using the boards. It's mostly very common sense stuff like "Don't post non-bara stuff" and "Don't post child porn", but it's still worth a read.

The rules page also contains a little checklist of what goes in what board. I felt it prudent to include it seeing as we no longer have the /etc/ board that previously served as sort of a weird "catch all" containment zone. So that too could be worth a read, especially if you've ever felt confused as to what content goes where.

Finally; The functional

Right, this isn't much info but I felt it still prudent to mention, other than the other random stuff I updated or fixed on the board (CSS mistakes, formatting issues, behind-the-scenes buggyness), there's also a few changes to bumps and pages.

First of all, every board (other than /rs/) have had their number of pages increased from 10 to 20. This means that more content will be saved for longer, making the catalog and Google a lot more useful in finding content that is considered "old" and would normally have fallen off the board into oblivion. This will be especially useful for the Patreon section, as a lot of artists releases image packs with a few months pause in between them.

Now I did mention "other than /rs/" for a reason. Unlike the other boards, /rs/ is set up to have a page limit of 5. This to ensure that old threads that was never replied to or just filled with 65000 bumps, falls off the board, rather than remain as a sad surprise for whoever finds it on Google. Additionally the threads on this board has a bump limit of 20 rather than 250, again so that threads with only a billion "bump" falls off the board ASAP and has a chance to be brought back to life as a fresh thread that might have content posted in it. Basically I want the /rs/ board to be the "Fast and Furious" section, where requests are created and deleted quickly to avoid old junk hanging around for literal years.

I think that should be all I wanted to clarify, if not then I guess I'll just make yet another news post, oh well.
If you're confused about anything there's always the Barachan General thread in /dis/ that you can post in and ask.

Happy 2017!

2017 Updates — by Rexxar at 01/15/17 (Sun) 05:20:38

Happy Late Christmas and a Merry New Year to everyone!

2017 has arrived, and so have a bunch new updates and changes to the board.

The minor things are various quality of life and appearance improvements,
such as the Midnight theme being finalized and renamed appropriately.
(Yes that is why it randomly reset your theme)

The main change however is that we now have actually outlined rules,
complete with a little list explaining what should be posted where.
It can be found at: http://boards.barachan.org/rules/
It's strongly suggested that you go read them at least once,
as ignorance is not a valid excuse for breaking them.

Another rather major change is the boards themselves.
Gone is /req/ and /request/, now condensed into /rs/.
/etc/ have also been made obsolete, seeing as well over
80% of the threads in there could fit in other boards.

Of course these boards will remain for a while (in a locked state)
so that you can download or migrate the posts and threads.

As always you can discuss these changes, and suggest other ones in /dis/.

Welcome to 2017!

Flood Detection & New theme — by Rexxar at 10/06/15 (Tue) 02:09:39

I've gotten a few reports in regards to the anti-flood system being a bit derpy, so I've updated the error messages with more specific info to help me troubleshoot the issue.

If you encounter problems with posting or uploading images, please post in the thread on /dis/ and let me know the error message and how/when/where you received it.

On a brighter note, we now have a WIP version of the Midnight theme implemented. Please leave feedback on the /dis/ board if you think anything needs changing/correcting.

Tweaks & Tinkering — by Rexxar at 09/28/15 (Mon) 15:42:29

Okay so the board has been tweaked a little due to some requests which has been brought to my attention;

Character limit is now 5000 rather than 1800, so hopefully no more having to split up your post.

Wiki markup has been replaced by BBCODE markup.
{b}Bold{/b} = Bold
{i}Italic{/i} = Italic
{h}Header{/h} = Header
{s}Spoiler{/s} = Spoiler
(Make sure you replace {} with []. I put that there just to show the tags.)
They are case insensitive to it doesn't matter if you use b/i/h/s or B/I/H/S.

Additionally the /kemono/ board has been slightly renamed and gotten a little header to remind people that Furry x Human stuff goes there, not in /doujin/.

That's all for now. Remember to let me know on /dis/ if you have any further suggestions.

Spammers & DNSBL — by Rexxar at 09/24/15 (Thu) 12:20:05

Okay so, apparently the spammers who were previously spamming all over the place on the old boards followed us here, and are now more crazy than ever.

Bad news is that the changes I've made to the board anti-spam seemed to have had no effect on them, and if anything those changes were negatively affecting normal posters, so I've reverted them to default.

So now I've enabled a DNSBL instead, more specifically the CBL.
As it turns out, all of the IPs used by those CP spammers showed up in the CBL as being malware infected servers, so hopefully turning this on means that we'll be able to stop them, or at least slow them down significantly.

I've checked a bunch of IPs made by normal posters, and so far none of them have shown up in the CBL, which will hopefully mean that we keep the false positives to a minimum. But as with all broad-range blacklists there are bound to be false positives.

If you are having problems posting, please check your IP at these two sites:

It should give you information about why your particular IP is blocked.

If you are using a commercial ISP (Comcast, AT&T, British Telecom, T-Mobile, Orange, etc) I'd recommend you reset your router in order to obtain a new IP, and test it again.

If you are using a VPN to post or have a static IP, and are having problems posting, please let me know and I'll add you to the internal whitelist.

And it's live! — by Rexxar at 09/23/15 (Wed) 12:10:08

Alright, the new server has been pushed live, and you can now start properly posting and whatnot.
Let me know on /dis/ if you find something amiss, or want to request a new feature.

And yes, I'm working on the Midnight theme to spare your eyes, don't worry.

Barachan 2.0 is now complete! — by Rexxar at 09/18/15 (Fri) 21:40:54

Alright so board is now for the most part feature-complete.
There might still be some tweaks to be made here and there (themes, etc), but overall it should be ready for implementation.

Just a little reminder that the new post limit is 10MB to enable proper WEBM/MP4 uploading.

As for rules, they are pretty much the same as on the older boards.
Don't be a douche. Post in the right category. No illegal shit. Etc.

The old/new boards will be officially switched on around the 20th.

If you have any requests for changes to be made, let me know on the /dis/ board.